Sunday, January 18, 2009

Would Steve eat at Nama Sushi?

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Mark & Wes, in Walnut Creek, CA at Nama Sushi & Teriyaki.

Mark and Wes talk about Steve (you know which Steve) and his health and what he admitted. What went on at MacWorld? Where is the promised iPhone firmware with push notification? Apple NetBook? Newton? Why does Mark think that Steve needs a visit to McDonalds? Bits about Windows 7.

Sites of Interest:

Wes' iPhone Applications of the week:

  • iAmAMan - Free calendar application meant to be used by men to secretly track multiple women's monthly cycle.

  • Eternity Time Log - Time tracking and reporting application.

Mark's iPhone Applications of the week:

  • Touch Physics and Crayon Physics Deluxe -Similar game/puzzle apps that let you draw objects with crayons on a blackboard, and they start moving to the laws of physics to let you solve the puzzle for each level. The serious bug in Crayon Physics was fixed in the latest version, so try it.

  • Tag Reader and Seadragon Mobile - Mark mentioned these because they are written by Microsoft for the iPhone, and he thought that was weird.