Thursday, April 3, 2008

Punch Cards

Mark & Wes at Europa in Orinda, CA. We ran out of 9 volt batteries for the EQ that the lapel microphones use. So, we used the wider stereo Sony mic that picks up background noise a lot. Fortunately for us, Europa has a somewhat quiet atmosphere. The food was very good, and Mark and I discovered a special podcasting section of the restaurant that we'll have to take advantage of next time. Enjoy this weeks show!

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Anonymous said...

My favorite punched card story: I worked for General Electric about 1980. Engineers did not trust magnetic tapes, so they liked there data kept as punched cards that they could keep under their desks. These boxes of fine paper cards were kept in boxes about 2 feet long.

It happened that thousands of dollars worth of nuclear reactor design data were lost because the engineer knocked over his coffee and it spilled into his card deck. Warped cards cannot be read.

Happily, I later sold many boxes of those cards to the scrap paper dealer.