Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kips cooks with Gas

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Mark & Wes, in Berkeley, CA at Kips

This show was recorded in a noisy area of Kips in Berkeley. Wes complains about his bubble drink and how it wasn't blended. Mark talks about Walter/Wendy Carlos and Switched on Bach. He has a pic of what looks like a Moog analog system, but there is a possibility that it is just an analog computer. What is it!? Who is the guy? They talk about the first MP3 player and what it looked like in 1998. Wes talks a bit about the unit that Apple examined before the iPod was created. Also his drink is not blended like it should be. Mark suspects that Google created Chrome in order to have something for Android, as well as a way to halt the payments for revenue to the Mozilla Foundation. He also believes their goal is to get people away from being concerned about applications for specific Operating Systems. Wes agrees and talks a bit about Google Docs. Some people think the earth is only 5000 years old and that we never went to the moon. What's next from Apple? New iPhone? iTouch Nano?

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Anonymous said...

It was Silver Ball (as in pinball) not Silver Bowl. Official name was Silver Ball Garden.

Wes said...

Phototristan, thanks for your correction. For some reason, I have always pronounced it 'SilverBowl'. I went there while I was a freshmen in High School back in 1985, and then it closed.

Thanks for listening to our show.