Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stanfords Restaurant & Bar

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Mark & Wes, in Walnut Creek, CA at Stanfords Restaurant and Bar.

Wes meets Wes, at Stanfords, where he and Mark discover what a 'butter burger' is. Mark discusses how to train a Cat by using a clicking device combined with treats and warm fuzzies. Apple drops the developer NDA for applications created for the iPhone, but what does this really mean? Wes complains the the Sarah Connor Chronicles will end of life soon, but then nothing good lasts forever. Mark bought the domain name for Wes' recording program in Byron County, and much of the music used on the WNO PodCast comes from his work with 360. If you followed Mark's advice and jailbroke your iPhone or iTouch, he has a slight warning for you, and describes what you must do NOW to protect your iPhone if it gets 'bricked'.

BTW, instead of waiting to gain an audience, Mark and I are going to come and get you!

Sites of Interest:

Wes' iTouch Application of the week:

Mark's iPhone Applications of the week:

  • Backgrounder (for jailbreaked devices only; install with Cydia). Mark has been using this since the podcast was recorded and he finds that it only keeps the background apps running for a while. At some point, when the OS needs memory, you will find that the app may stop running in the background. This doesn't cause any harm; it just isn't as great as we expected.

  • BeejiveIM - Instant Messaging Anywhere. Kind of expensive; Palringo does most of the same functions for free. But Beejive is worth it because it keeps IM sessions open for 24 hours when you exit the app. (Note that the settings for Beejive and many other apps appear in the iPhone's Settings app; you will not find them inside the Beejive program itself.)


Wes said...

Not too much background noise? WHAT?!

Anonymous said...

Beejive is actually pronounced "Bee Hive":

Wes said...

Phototristan, Yes, I read this after getting your comment. Thanks for correcting us. At the same time, isn't it clear they couldn't get the 'beehive' URL? Cruel joke to play on anyone who doesn't ready the about page...

Anonymous said...

This is America, damn it! We all know how "bee" should be pronounced. We all know how "jive" should be pronounced. So put them together and what do you get? In America, you do not get "bee hive". In other countries maybe you do, but not here!