Friday, February 27, 2009

$1,300 Power Bars

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Mark and Wes in Concord, CA at the Fry's Electronics Store.

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Wes' iPhone Application of the week:
  • He didn't have any this week. Mark was shocked.

Mark's iPhone Applications of the week:

  • Pukey Pete -- quite possibly the first puke app. Mark may branch out from fart apps and become an expert on puke apps as well.

  • Ocarina -- turns the iPhone into a serious ancient flute-like music instrument.

  • Fartarina --a mash up between Ocarina and a fart app.

  • SignalScope -- turns your iPhone into a powerful real-time spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When I bought my LCD Hi-Def teevee, I also bought one of those "power conditioners" because it was the best way to have just ONE power cord from the wall into my entertainment center. Then the Cable Box, DVR, DVD player, DVD recorder, all get their power without any visible wires. Yes I could have done the same with a large power strip, but das blinkenlights look cool as well.