Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why not JailBreak?

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Mark & Wes, in Orinda, CA at Baan Thai.

Wes knows nothing about condoms. Mark jail breaks his iPhone 3g, which he then explains in more detail. They talk about how this hacking of the internal iPhone device started, and the discovery of the internal encryption key. Is it true that the jail broken iPhone runs applications better than the standard OS? The idea is that apps have more control over the device, than the standard Apple SDK allows. What is Mark to do with all the Esquire Digital Ink copies he owns? Wes thinks Apple watches the ideas that come out of the Jailbreak community to see what they might want to add to the standard firmware. Mark talks a bit about Android, and both discuss the positives and negatives regarding the HTC and T-Mobile introduction that should be more available next month. Is Municipal WiFi even a possibility? The Elvis Card.

Sites of Interest:

  • Jailbreak your iPhone from a Windows system with iTunes 8 and this link. This is the method Mark used so we know it works. The same website has a similar jailbreak method for Macs. Note that the first iPhone boot after jailbreaking may take a very long time, so be patient and don't think that the process failed.

  • The two competing App store programs for jail broken iPhone and iTouch devices: Cydia and Installer, and Cydia seems to be the newer method with the most apps. The above method for jailbreaking offers to install both of them, and you should let it. You will find these as icons just like any other iPhone apps, and the links above explain how to use them.

  • Jailbroken iPhones can be used like a cellular modem for Internet access from a notebook. The best method for doing that is PDAnet which can be installed from Cydia.

  • Jailbreak app IntelliScreen for showing info on the home screen.

  • Google hired Andy Rubin, developer of the Sidekick, to lead the Android project.

  • Android phones will work very closely with google's web apps such as gmail and Google Docs.

  • The T-Mobile G1 Android phone.

  • The way you pronounce linux, is...

  • Video of Steve Ballmore being the PC guy.

  • Craig of Craigslist has a boring twitter feed.

  • Google has products under development for you to check out now.

  • Very funny video of what it was like to use YouTube in 1985.

  • This is the 25th anniversary of the cellular phone network. Mobile phone history from the perspectives of Motorola and AT&T.

  • Ricochet wireless Internet was available in some areas of the country in the late 1990's. They used battery-operated modem boxes that you would Velcro to your notebook. This picture shows a Ricochet modem next to a notebook so you can tell the size.

Wes' iTouch Application of the week:

Mark's iPhone Application of the week:

  • Categories (install from Cydia for jailbroken devices)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Polenta and Potting Material

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Mark & Wes, in Lafayette, CA at Pizza Antica.

The show starts out with a story about the first integrated circuit on Sept 12th in 1958. Al Bernay secured his own circuits by using potting material. NASA MARS image anomalies are probably based on image scale. Mark has a theory about UFO's. Have you ever played the 'integrated circuits around you' game? Wes claims he has an integrated circuit... down there... Mark is now using another blue-tooth headset for his 3G iPhone. Can the 1st gen iTouch use the microphone imbedded in the headset for the 2nd gen iTouch? The heating lamp debacle ends up getting solved by upper management. Analog TV signal going digital, but if you live in the boonies, you may not get the new digital signal anyway... Did you even see the Esquire Digital Ink Cover Magazine?

Sites of Interest:

Wes' iTouch Applications of the week:

Mark's iPhone Applications of the week:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My 'Ding-Ding' Machine

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Mark & Wes, in Rheem, CA at Tamamis

This show was recorded using Mark's lapel microphones. For whatever reason, you can hear us eat and chew and slurp in high detail. In the show, Mark and Wes ramble a lot about Apple's new updates to certain products, iTunes 8.0, 2.1 firmware iTouch & iPhone update, Nano's potential 508 compliance for sight-impaired users. Mark explains how 'location over Wi-Fi' works, and how people have to drive all over the place to map the Wi-Fi locations. Wes thinks he caused his Wi-Fi to be added by doing something to trigger the location on his iTouch, but Mark is skeptical. What is the deal with the Genius feature of iTunes? Wes can't tell if it actually finds matching songs, and Mark isn't very interested in the feature unless it works with banjo and pipe organ music. Wes has a good way to look for new applications for your iPhone or iTouch, and explains how to do this. Did the 2.1 firmware fix your application crashing problems?

Sites of Interest:

Wes' iTouch Application of the week:

Mark's iPhone Application of the week:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kips cooks with Gas

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Mark & Wes, in Berkeley, CA at Kips

This show was recorded in a noisy area of Kips in Berkeley. Wes complains about his bubble drink and how it wasn't blended. Mark talks about Walter/Wendy Carlos and Switched on Bach. He has a pic of what looks like a Moog analog system, but there is a possibility that it is just an analog computer. What is it!? Who is the guy? They talk about the first MP3 player and what it looked like in 1998. Wes talks a bit about the unit that Apple examined before the iPod was created. Also his drink is not blended like it should be. Mark suspects that Google created Chrome in order to have something for Android, as well as a way to halt the payments for revenue to the Mozilla Foundation. He also believes their goal is to get people away from being concerned about applications for specific Operating Systems. Wes agrees and talks a bit about Google Docs. Some people think the earth is only 5000 years old and that we never went to the moon. What's next from Apple? New iPhone? iTouch Nano?

Sites of Interest: