Thursday, August 28, 2008

A GEM of a show

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Mark & Wes, in Emeryville, CA at The Emerybay Public Market.

This show was recorded outside of the food court in Emeryville. People thought Mark and I were some strange group of Radio DJ's, and the guard actually came up and started a conversation about our equipment.

In this show, Mark and Wes go back in time to discuss early Apple computers, and tell brief stories of the first Apple machines we both used. Wes talks a bit about the GEM DOS Shell. Forget GEM, Mark used DESQview to run multi-dos sessions... until he discovered that Windows could do the same job. Wes uses his Intel Mac Mini for video editing because it handles HD video fairly well. Us iTouch and iPhone users will be getting a new firmware upgrade in less than a month that should fix the app crashing problems we're experiencing. Nothing is better than a short BB-the-dog story, which Mark gives us, explaining how dogs check their peemail.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Loards Ice Cream & Candles

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Mark & Wes, in Orinda, CA at Loards Ice Cream

This show was recorded at Loards Ice Cream due to the fact that there was a live band (with NO BANJO) playing loudly in the mall where the expensive Japanese Restaurant was located. So we waited until after dinner and forced ourselves to eat ice cream out of ice cream cups in order to bring you another wonderful and fact filled episode! In this show, Mark and Wes talk about MacroMedia, Adobe, Flash for the iPhone, Audio Editors, Steve Jobs is angry with Adobe for stating they would create their own Flash for the iPhone, does Steve approve every App Store application? Mark saw The Woz and a friend on a Segway in San Francisco. Mark talks about BART's Segway Policy. Also, did you know you can make your own Segway clone?

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

And that comes with Garlic Bread? Or cheese bread?

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Mark & Wes, in Oakland, CA at LJ Quinn's Light House.

This episode contains a lot of fresh ground pepper and eating noises. Wes reveals why Quinn's is so important to him. Mark spends a large portion of the show speaking about cell phones in the US versus Europe, carriers, cell phone prices and different rates for calls. Can you really trust cloud computing? Google Docs? Mark invited some phone folks over to his party with interesting consequences.

Sites of Interest:

  • CDMA is popular for cellular in the US, but GSM is used almost everywhere else.

  • United Mobile sells multi-country GSM SIM cards. The one with the 44 country code is cheaper for people to call you.

  • Sample eBay search for cheap quad-band unlocked GSM cell phones.

  • International call-back services can save you money when traveling.

  • Save far more by making your own call-back service with Asterisk, among a million other things that Asterisk can do. (Email Mark for details on scripting the callback.)

  • Wes was thinking about Magic Jack for cheap phone service based on a USB device, but Mark misunderstood and thought he was talking about something completely different.

  • Voip Cheap is really cheap for overseas calls, and can be part of a call-back service you build with Asterisk.

  • Mark likes the Zivio headset from Joby, but it's expensive.

  • PSP now supports Skype.

  • Wes' iPhone App for Today - Study Cards

  • Six-CD Memory Training course that Mark likes. But wait, why couldn't he remember the name of it?

  • Yet another of Mark's inventions was stolen (not really) by this web site.

  • Good article on the term "cloud computing".

  • Should you trust cloud computing like gmail and google docs?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Al Bernay - part 2

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Mark & Wes, in Lafayette, CA at Bo's Barbecue

This episode is also dedicated to Al Bernay, who passed away on July 10th. Al had friends his family knew little about, and Mark and friends were amazed at how wrong the Rabbi was. Franky looks too young to be his age. Al created his own MIDI files and worked with the Petunia sound plug for the Commodore Pet. Honey bees or wasps, and how to get rid of them. Al's electronic address book was paper, sort of. Why do these people applaud this musical group, when there is no Banjo!? Netshare for the iPhone and possible reasons why it was allowed and then pulled -- twice! Mark likes the way the public perceives the value of apps in the iPhone store and how they complain that a $2 application is only worth $1. What do you mean you don't remember WebVan!?

Sites of Interest:

  • Al and Franky.
  • Falling Down - Mark thought the name of this movie was "Going Home". What do you expect from someone who rates movies based on how long he falls asleep?
  • Sequencer Plus Gold - DOS based MIDI Editing Program, probably not what Al used.
  • Noah Everyday with music by Carly Comando
  • NetShare for the iPhone will most likely not be back.
  • Epocrates has free medical software for various handheld devices, including iPhone.
  • The iPhone availability updates website is now off the air.
  • ScribD will post your PDF files for viewing over the web, and will even scan/OCR some types of paper documents/books for free.
  • Paytrust will receive electronic and paper bills, consolidate them, and help you pay them.
  • Pixily and Shoeboxed invite you to fill boxes with your snail mail, send it to them, and they will OCR it.
  • Webvan went out of business.,.
  • Al loved Kip's because it has a real charcoal broiler for hamburgers and hot dogs.