Thursday, August 14, 2008

And that comes with Garlic Bread? Or cheese bread?

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Mark & Wes, in Oakland, CA at LJ Quinn's Light House.

This episode contains a lot of fresh ground pepper and eating noises. Wes reveals why Quinn's is so important to him. Mark spends a large portion of the show speaking about cell phones in the US versus Europe, carriers, cell phone prices and different rates for calls. Can you really trust cloud computing? Google Docs? Mark invited some phone folks over to his party with interesting consequences.

Sites of Interest:

  • CDMA is popular for cellular in the US, but GSM is used almost everywhere else.

  • United Mobile sells multi-country GSM SIM cards. The one with the 44 country code is cheaper for people to call you.

  • Sample eBay search for cheap quad-band unlocked GSM cell phones.

  • International call-back services can save you money when traveling.

  • Save far more by making your own call-back service with Asterisk, among a million other things that Asterisk can do. (Email Mark for details on scripting the callback.)

  • Wes was thinking about Magic Jack for cheap phone service based on a USB device, but Mark misunderstood and thought he was talking about something completely different.

  • Voip Cheap is really cheap for overseas calls, and can be part of a call-back service you build with Asterisk.

  • Mark likes the Zivio headset from Joby, but it's expensive.

  • PSP now supports Skype.

  • Wes' iPhone App for Today - Study Cards

  • Six-CD Memory Training course that Mark likes. But wait, why couldn't he remember the name of it?

  • Yet another of Mark's inventions was stolen (not really) by this web site.

  • Good article on the term "cloud computing".

  • Should you trust cloud computing like gmail and google docs?

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