Thursday, August 28, 2008

A GEM of a show

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Mark & Wes, in Emeryville, CA at The Emerybay Public Market.

This show was recorded outside of the food court in Emeryville. People thought Mark and I were some strange group of Radio DJ's, and the guard actually came up and started a conversation about our equipment.

In this show, Mark and Wes go back in time to discuss early Apple computers, and tell brief stories of the first Apple machines we both used. Wes talks a bit about the GEM DOS Shell. Forget GEM, Mark used DESQview to run multi-dos sessions... until he discovered that Windows could do the same job. Wes uses his Intel Mac Mini for video editing because it handles HD video fairly well. Us iTouch and iPhone users will be getting a new firmware upgrade in less than a month that should fix the app crashing problems we're experiencing. Nothing is better than a short BB-the-dog story, which Mark gives us, explaining how dogs check their peemail.

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