Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fluorescent Pigs

Mark & Wes & Troy in Emeryville. (WNO Fastback to 2005)

This is a show created awhile ago when we were experimenting with podcasting and audio editing. We brought Troy along with us to help in the randomness of our conversation. No format for this show, and really we just hit record and let it run. I think the topic of this show was labeled, Fluorescent Pigs.

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Steve Shiflett said...

Wireless g3 data. I've got rural property - no internet without satellite. The vendors for that charge through the nose and the performance is "not that great". With an amplifier and directional antenna - and g3 subscription, it seems my problems are solved. What do you suppose the implications of g3 are to the cable/dsl crowd? $60 a month ain't bad.

Mark Bernay said...

I have a cell phone that I can use as a modem to a PC at 3g speeds, and I agree that it's fast enough for general Internet use. But it isn't competition for people who live where they can get cable or dsl because those are way faster and cheaper. Also the terms of service are much stricter for most 3G cellular plans, so you could get cut off if you use it "too much", whereas DSL and cable plans are far more tolerant.