Thursday, March 6, 2008

King Kong & the Clean Tag

Mark & Wes at Swad.

Today they talk about:
Cow Doo-Doo as Natural Gas, Mic Booms, Ozone Changes, Ramblings about iPhone SDK, Exchange Server & iPhone, Remote Wipe, Criminals Tempted by White Earbuds, Captain Crunch Whistles, Mark angry that Apple III had fake removable keyboard, Wes and his refurbished Lisa, IE 8 Conforms, Microsoft Developer Network, Does the iTunes 'clean' tag push people away from your podcast?, Al thinks they've heard it all before, King of Kong.

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Wes said...

Mark is not on the show for the next two weeks, but we have a few shows from over 2 years ago when I was experimenting with minidisc recording. Expect to meet Troy and the Axe Murderer next week.