Thursday, July 31, 2008

Al Bernay - part 1

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Mark & Wes, in Emeryville, CA at the Asqew Grill

This episode is dedicated to Al Bernay, who passed away on July 10th. Mark talks about the history of the Mark Bernay Society, the fact that Al was truly the original PodCaster, and his involvement in the beginning of something that affected the future of technology and the generation of kids who took pleasure in experimenting with phones and equipment. This is the first of two shows where we will talk about Al and how important he was to young people, as well as us older ones.

Sites of Interest:

The following websites have a lot of tape recordings that the webmaster and other people made back then by dialing Al's and other lines and recording the calls.

Other web sites mentioned in the podcast:

Al's web pages. These work best in Firefox with pop-up blockers turned off, and the first one especially may not work in Internet Explorer.


Unknown said...

I loved this! It made me very happy on my birthday. I stayed up late and listened to it on my iPhone (via the internet). In fact, I liked it so much, I imported it to iTunes so my wife could hear it, too. And, what a surprise the "Album Cover" was!

Thanks, I appreciate your efforts.

Anonymous said...
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