Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Stain on the Dumb ASCII

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Mark & Wes, in Lafayette, CA. Doing the Pizza Antica.

Mark has an issue with a battery refill web site, as they most recently gave him what appear to be defective refills twice. Listeners have convinced me to record the waiter taking our orders, so don't judge us on the food we order. Mark doesn't care as long as the soup makes a solid slurping sound . Mark runs through the kinds of Pizza you can get in Italy, causing me to think of a Tetris cut pie. iTouch v2.0 firmware crashing problems may be due to the apps and not the OS. Wes thinks he knows where Steve lives. Why is the Flashlight application so popular!? OMG! Mark has a 3G iPhone! So Mark goes into a water closet and gets confused. Eventually he learns the correct way to Pee in Berlin. Speaking of Pee-ing, what does Cat Piss stand for? Actually Mark said "CAPTCHA", not "cat piss". San Francisco will now help you find an empty parking spot by cell phone. Esquire Magazine will feature Electronic Ink soon.

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