Thursday, February 28, 2008

Push Button Water Plants!

Mark & Wes in Orinda, California.

Today they talk about:, Woz & Jobs PhonePhreaks, HomeBrew Computer Club, Commodore 64 Torrent vs ComCast, 8-Track Tapes, Obsolete Tasks Today, Push Button Water Plants!, Old Answering Machines, Fish Glue, The Signal, SouthLand Tales.

Sites of Interest:

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Anonymous said...

Rough to make comments here on an iPhone.

Mark Bernay said...

I know exactly what you mean about the iPhone. I bought one when they first came out and returned it after 14 days because of various issues, one of which was that I could never learn to type accurately on the virtual keyboard no matter how much I practiced. It really is rough to type comments to a blog, or anything substantial, from an iPhone!

But I suspect that isn't what you meant and that there is something about the format of this particular blog that is causing you problems. Please explain exactly what the problem is and we will see if it's anything that blogspot let's us fix.

Wes said...

Mark, what do you think of these mics for the podcast?

Mark Bernay said...

Hi Wes, that link just leads to Sennheiser mics in general, not a specific model. I wouldn't buy any of them from the description of a website. I would want to try it out in person if possible, or at least check out reviews and users' opinions of the particular model you are looking at.

Wes said...

Hey Mark!
I was mostly showing you this link because of the crazy high pricetag. These mics would probably pickup our food sounds a lot as well.

BTW, I'll post some of our old shows for the two weeks you will be away. These will be shows we did around 2005 or so.

Steve Shiflett said...

I tried to find fish glue at Orchard Supply, but they were all out. Since most glues are made from petroleum derivatives, using a fish bladder is a "Green" alternative that will certainly help in our efforts to curb global warming. Hats off to you Mark and Wes!

My wife uses a grain of cooked rice to paste things with. We don't often have fish entrails around, but you can always find some cook rice in our house.