Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to make BART go faster

Mark & Wes, in Orinda, CA at Yu Sushi.

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Wes isn't ready for the G1 phone yet, but is thinking about getting one once other carriers start offering their own Android phones. Mark doesn't think that the T-Mobile network is all that good, so holding off on the purchase of a G1 specifically may be wise. Was UNIX originally a public domain operating system from Bell Labs? Mark ponders the question of what device may have been made to emulate another, in the 1800's? Some guy hooks up electrodes to his face to move facial muscles based on the sound of music. Mark invented a device for a psychology lab to analyze thinking patterns. We end the show with an update on Al Bernay and the discoveries found at Al's place.

Sites of Interest:

Wes' iTouch Applications of the week:

Mark's iPhone Applications of the week:

  • SiAX - SIP and IAX2 VOIP app, install from Cydia for jail-broken phones only

  • iSkream - Stupid, but fun, audio app.

  • iOscilloscope - Draws oscilloscope display from iPhone microphone sounds.

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