Thursday, December 18, 2008

Franky goes to Hollywood.. or San Francisco?

Mark, Wes, and guest Franky in Lafayette, CA at the Swad Indian restaurant.

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We have a guest this week: Franky, Al Bernay's disciple. Franky goes to Hollywood -- literally, that's where he lives; but for this week he was visiting in San Francisco. The audio quality in this show is excellent because we used a PZM microphone, however there is a lot of GSM noise because Mark's iPhone was too close to the recorder and Wes was more agressive than normal in editing this show to eliminate some of the noisiest spots. They talk about Myst Online, the new domain suffix .tel, the dBASE database management system, Radio Shack (ewwwwwww), CompuServe and Tymshare, and of course lots of iPhone stuff.

Sites of Interest:
Wes' iPhone Applications of the week:
  • Joost - play videos from

  • Woman Calendar - Men and women have very different reasons for using this; it's pretty expensive, but Wes thinks it's worth it.

Mark's iPhone Applications of the week:
  • Copy/Paste - This is a little complicated to set up, but pretty easy to use and really does give you limited Copy and Paste functions for the iPhone.

  • FindInPage - The podcast was edited so that a mention of this is inadvertently mixed in with the Copy/Paste discussion. FindInPage is a jailbreak app which is installed with Cydia, and edits your bookmark file to add a "Find in Page bookmark". WARNING: the current version of this app sometimes destroys your bookmarks instead of adding the new one, so wait for a revised version to show up.

  • Pull My Finger - Stupid audio app which has a bunch of fingers to pull. Guess what happens.

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