Thursday, August 20, 2009

Show me how to strengthen my fingers again?

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Mark and Wes at Pizza Antica in Lafayette, CA.

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Wes' iPhone Applications of the week:
  • iWine Simulator - Have you seen the iBeer app but want something more classy? iWine Simulator is the solution for you!

  • Geocaching - provides real-time, direct access to's database of worldwide geocaches, with GPS assistance to find them.

Mark's iPhone Applications of the week:
  • Singing Glass - amaze your friends by tapping a tune on the pre-filled crystal glasses, or rubbing the rims to produce haunting glassware shrills.

  • Quicken Online Mobile - sign up for FREE Quicken Online and add your accounts to start tracking your finances from your iPhone.

  • Notifier - On a jailbroken iPhone, install "Notifier" from Cydia and an icon called "Reminder" will show up (I don't know why the names are different, but that's how it works).  You can configure this to put icons at the top-right of the screen showing that things like a call, voicemail, email, SMS, etc. have been received, and the alert sound/vibrate for these events can be repeated.  The icon will disappear when you open the appropriate app to handle the event.

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